MSNBC Host Calls Rural America a ‘Core Threat’ to Democracy

For claiming to be the group that stands up for the little guy, Liberals sure love to alienate, exclude, discriminate and otherwise marginalize minorities. Of course, in this case we’re talking about rural Americans, but there is no question that this is a demographic that is now in the minority.

Unsatisfied with being able to bully and abuse these groups by dominating state-level government and the House of Representatives, they demand more power.

The very idea that a subgroup of Americans that comprises 30 percent of the population should have any say in our government is downright offensive to the left.

Liberals are so backwards and confused, that they fully fail to understand how their progressive, urban minded policies cripple the backbone of this country. Without rural America, they wouldn’t have the raw materials to live their clueless, sheltered lives. And yet, they rail against every reasonable policy and approach that empowers the producers of our nation to succeed.

The forefathers anticipated population disparity, and they created a smart solution from the outset. The House of Representatives serves the majority. The Senate, on the other hand, exists to prevent the majority from exploiting and marginalizing people who don’t flock to major cities.

Both groups are important, and both get a piece of the government. Watch the video and see how liberals truly feel about minorities who don’t pander to the leftist regime.