Murder Rate Goes Up in Baltimore. BLM to Blame?

The city of Baltimore set a new record in 2017. They saw more murders per capita than at any other time in the city’s long history. That’s cause for concern by itself. When you add the fact that the U.S. as a whole saw murder and violent crime decrease over the last year, it’s as bright a red flag as can exist. While the rest of the country is enjoying increased peace and prosperity, the city of Baltimore is encroaching on the list of most dangerous places in the world. What is causing this disparity?

Many people can posit many answers, but in Baltimore it’s pretty obvious. The police have been under enormous pressure and faced extensive backlash for close to three years now. These men and women are only human, and in the face of extreme dissent, they have found themselves less capable of protecting the peace. Baltimore is fighting to be the new murder capital of the world because the police are no longer free to do their job. It’s as simple as that.

Or is it?

Watch this video and see how a BLM representative responds to the obvious. It will be painfully clear how and why the BLM movement has become such a destructive force in our country.