Nancy Pelosi Hates Trump More than She Loves America

The leader of the “resist” and “obstruct” movement prefers Washington gridlock to American prosperity and she has taken aim at Pres. Donald J. Trump’s historic summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

And, you guessed it. Nancy Pelosi is angry that Pres. Trump secured a broad agreement to end nuclear proliferation in the region and move forward normalizing international relations.

While politically savvy Americans are likely rolling their eyes and shrugging off “Negative Nancy’s” latest irrational liberal fit, many wonder if she just hates the president enough to throw everyday Americans to the wolves.

In this news clip, former Trump Campaign Deputy Director David Bossie agrees with the point that Nancy Pelosi hates the president far more than she loves America or Americans.

Rather than embrace a letter of agreement to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and ensure American safety, Pelosi points to issues that do not impact national security. Her rantings represent the new Democrats who are “the party of no.”

The president’s sustained wins — be it the thriving economy or the fact the African-American unemployment is the lowest in recorded history — demonstrates the left’s complete and utter incompetence during the Obama years. As House Minority Leader, Pelosi recognizes that Pres. Trump’s every success drives a wedge between her and the House Speakership she craves.

Take a few moments and watch Nancy Pelosi espouse about how little she cares about Americans!