Nancy Pelosi Turns Her Back on America by Trying to Shut Down Government over Illegal Aliens

There is simply no other sensible way to put it. Our nation is under attack. It is under attack by double talking Democrats who want to use any method they can think of to weaken the economy, demoralize the population, disguise their strategies as taking care of the needy, and sell themselves off as the saviors from all our problems.

They start by taking away the idea of personal responsibility. Before the New Deal reforms of the 19th century, communities and companies built roads and enacted charity. Once the government took over those jobs people rolled over to taxation by force. Speaking of income tax, it didn’t exist before the drafting of the federal war powers that were put in place to fund our involvement in world war one. Before then, the government was completely funded by sales taxes.

You cannot understand these things without understanding your history. But let’s bring it to the modern day. Just a few years ago in 2011, the leader of Libya Muammar Qaddafi was killed during a visit by Hillary Clinton and an envoy of black ops murderers. Qaddafi had warned that if he was removed, an endless stream of refugees from Africa would overrun the west. Hillary, of course, returned to give the sickening interview in which she laughingly said, “We came, we saw, he died.”

Bring it to the present, and you have Nancy Pelosi trying to shut down the government because too few refugees are being admitted. Fox News has more on that story.