Networks Blame President Trump for Stock Market Crash

If there is one thing we’ve learned over the past decade, it’s that the left has absolutely no idea how economics works. They said for a full year that electing Trump would cause an immediate market crash because of the uncertainty of his policies and temperament. Instead, his election caused a futures surge that dwarfed any gains Obama could muster over eight years. Those gains continued unhindered for more than a year and produced roughly a dozen different stock-growth records.

Worse than their many failed predictions, the liberals kept interest rates at historic lows for almost a full decade. This prevented markets and inflation from performing normally, and it guaranteed that when inflation and interest finally started to return to normal there would be extraordinary market volatility. One is forced to wonder if they did it to maliciously set up the next regime for failure or if they really believed that they knew better than hundreds of years worth of economic analysis. Either way, those policies insured that we would see the recent runoff as soon as the economy was strong enough to push inflation again.

You won’t be surprised to see the media try to blame Trump for what most economists are calling a healthy correction. What might surprise you is to see the severity of their scare tactics and deliberate misrepresentation of the truth. Watch this video, and you will see it laid to bare in plain sight.