New Evidence Shows FBI Discusses FBI’s Conclusion of Hillary Investigation Earlier than They Told Us

You were stunned when Comey announced to the nation that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be prosecuted. Then, you were shocked when he reopened the investigation right before the election. Dismay continued when he exonerated her again within a matter of hours, all without involving the judicial process.

That alone was enough to doubt the FBI, but then the leaks started. You got to experience disbelief again and again. Members of the investigation were obviously pro Hillary and anti-Trump. They tried to shield Hillary to add legitimacy to her impending presidency.

In the meantime, her people were recorded destroying evidence that had been requested by investigators. Missing emails were uncovered that showed zero doubt of how she mishandled classified information. FBI agents have even come forward with stories of how Comey and the leaders at the time were preventing good, honest agents from doing their jobs correctly.

All of this has been revealed over the course of almost two years. Hillary still walks free. The corruption in the FBI and DOJ is still present. And, the story is still far from over.

Even more information has come to light. Every time you see that sentence, you know it’s more bad news for the FBI. This video has all of the details. Just when you thought we had seen rock bottom, the corrupt and biased nature of the FBI is shown to run even deeper. Watch and see for yourself.