New Report: The DOJ is Finally Opening an Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Misdeeds

Boy. The FBI sure made a mess of things over the past two years. If you just read a list of their gaffes, it might read as satire. Unfortunately, it’s all true. But, we don’t live in a stagnant country, and things never stay the same forever. The FBI is finally showing faint signs of life and the potential to return to form and be the objective investigative, crime stopping unit they were designed to be in the first place. Even though every literate American has known for years that the Clintons and everything they touch are corrupt, the FBI seems to have finally noticed.

The Clinton Foundation is finally facing a formal investigation from the FBI. Before you sigh in abject relief, remember that this is the same organization that has deployed two separate teams against Trump that were both caught in unacceptable political bias.

The idea that the Clintons might face a real investigation is encouraging, but if they’re lingering corruption is still strong enough, this could just be a formal way for them to escape justice yet again.

In this video, you can learn what prompted the investigation, and, more frustratingly, see how the Clintons evaded a proper investigation once before.