Obama’s Former Aide Launches Organization to End Trump

George Soros must really be spreading his Antifa domestic terrorism money around as we get closer to the 2018 midterm elections. We already knew that Obama was activating his army of 30,000 protestors this year to try to undermine the Trump administration. But now one of Obama’s underlings is doing the same thing with another group!

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s former Deputy National Security Advisor, has launched his own shadowy gang of Antifa wannabes under the name, “National Security Action.” For those who don’t remember, Rhodes was the Creative Writing major who suckered mainstream media reporters into creating an “echo chamber” to try to sell Obama’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal to the American public.

Rhodes’ new group is dedicated to overthrowing the Trump administration by any means necessary, just like Obama’s group. What a coincidence! It’s almost as if all of these different progressive, Molotov cocktail-throwing, black-clad, unemployed loser groups are being funded by the same sugar daddy with the exact same objective!

Obama, Rhodes and the rest of the puppets who would have to go out and find honest jobs if they were not being bankrolled by George Soros all want to turn America into a socialist nightmare like Venezuela.

Lisa Haven has all the details on Ben Rhodes’ new “army” and its plans to take down President Trump. Watch the news clip below and when the riots in American cities suddenly start happening in a few months, you’ll know exactly why.