Office of Gov’t Ethics Boss Suddenly Resigns after Multiple Clashes with Trump

When Donald Trump ran for office, one of his campaign goals and pledges to the American people was to “drain the swamp.” He stated he wanted to remove the politicians and those who surrounded them who have been around for decades, preventing progress in the United States. Progress within the country had come to nearly a standstill. While job growth and the housing markets are doing better than a decade ago, much of this is simply due to the natural order of how economies work. The sudden downturns create vacancies, which are then taken by others who are able to build houses, start businesses and employ more individuals. Even without a president, this would continue on. Real progress stems from improvements in infrastructure, safety within the country and prosperity of the American people. In order to realize true progress, Donald Trump understood then as he does now the need to drain the swap of people preventing this from happening.

Former President Obama brought in dozens of people who had been around government their entire careers. After all, Obama had spent four years as a Senator, in which he stated that qualified him as capable of running a country of a few hundred million people (yet he said Trump, who ran a multi-national, multi-billion dollar company for decades was not qualified). So now, Donald Trump has continued his quest to drain the swamp. What happened and who resigned from the former Obama administration? Watch the video to learn for yourself.