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Marco Rubio Betrays Donald Trump

Oh, Little Marco, will you ever learn? Marco Rubio just can’t seem to get out of his own shadow. The Senator from Florida couldn’t even win his own state when he ran against Trump in the Republican primaries. Perhaps the rest of the country should start to listen to his home state a bit more … Continue reading “Marco Rubio Betrays Donald Trump”

George Soros Loses $1 Billion on Trump Rally

If you don’t know the name George Soros by now you’ve likely been living under a rock. The hedge fund manager became a billionaire by playing in the financial markets of countries around the world. He beat up and manipulated currencies of nations around the world. He’s done it to Russia, England, and China—after which … Continue reading “George Soros Loses $1 Billion on Trump Rally”

Obama’s Biggest Policy Blunders

Eight years ago then Congressman Obama ran his presidential campaign on “hope” and “change.” What he failed to disclose to voters was that the change we were going to get was a worse off economy, more expensive healthcare premiums, declining median income rate, worsening racial tensions, and more terrorist attacks. To top it off, President … Continue reading “Obama’s Biggest Policy Blunders”

Obama’s Secret Plan to Blackout Trump

It is always interesting what a president tries to pull in the final hours of his presidency. President Obama instead of focusing on the transition of power from himself to Donald Trump is focusing on sliding in whatever legislation he can before he is forced to vacate the White House. In the last two weeks … Continue reading “Obama’s Secret Plan to Blackout Trump”

A Great Reminder on Why You Shouldn’t Trust the CIA

The Democratic Party and the CIA are doing whatever they can to force Americans into believing Russia hacked the election, altered the results and played a direct part in U.S. democracy. First of all, nobody in the United States would be surprised if this happened or if Russia attempted to do something like this. Let’s … Continue reading “A Great Reminder on Why You Shouldn’t Trust the CIA”

CNN Goes After Fox News-Were they Justified?

Megyn Kelly recently made the move from Fox News to NBC. She draws massive ratings and NBC offered to pay her more money, so you can’t blame her for jumping ship. Her absence on Fox will be felt for a while as the conservative news network lost its star female lead. Now Fox’s weekday evening … Continue reading “CNN Goes After Fox News-Were they Justified?”

The Real Threat to Our Nation’s Security: Hillary Clinton

On Sunday evening, the FBI released another massive Hillary Clinton email dump. In fact, it released 300 pages of new emails. Sunday might seem like an odd time to drop all of this material. Typically, any sort of late weekend release is more unusual. This proved to be common place before the Internet as it … Continue reading “The Real Threat to Our Nation’s Security: Hillary Clinton”

Go Home Meryl!

The Golden Globes took place last Sunday. For fans of movies and television, this is can be a fun time to watch favorite celebrities or to revel in the fact that a favorite movie won a top award. Many people do become connected with certain performers, so watching these kind of award shows allows one … Continue reading “Go Home Meryl!”

CNN Asserts Chicago Teen Torture Video Isn’t a Hate Crime

CNN has turned into one of the biggest joke news networks out there. Now, you can say other stations like MSNBC or CNBC are bigger jokes, but at least these networks acknowledge their liberal bias. CNN likes to say it is a straight shooting news station, but that almost makes it worse because it won’t … Continue reading “CNN Asserts Chicago Teen Torture Video Isn’t a Hate Crime”

Obama’s Exit Speech Ripped in Spectacular Fashion-Why GOP Rolled their Eyes

President Obama just made his final exit speech to the American people. Obama did a considerable amount of back patting, considering what he’s done to our nation over the last eight years. Of course, the things that Obama decided to talk about in his closing remarks really seemed to sugar coat his major failures as … Continue reading “Obama’s Exit Speech Ripped in Spectacular Fashion-Why GOP Rolled their Eyes”