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CNN Disparages Pro-Trump Blacks in Outrageous New Clip

Before President Donald Trump took over as president he openly worked with people from all walks of life in order to receive their perspective on what needs to happen within the new administration to truly make America great again. This has occurred at every level, from the individuals he has nominated for key cabinet positions … Continue reading “CNN Disparages Pro-Trump Blacks in Outrageous New Clip”

Clinton’s Close Another Chapter in their Political Dynasty

Isn’t it amazing how liberals like to attack Donald Trump for his business doings and ventures, yet the Clintons are so connected with Wall Street while running money laundering schemes in their foundations and nobody cares. It really is hilarious this is such an issue to Democrats. That is what makes it so much sweeter … Continue reading “Clinton’s Close Another Chapter in their Political Dynasty”

Why Liberals Don’t Like You Correcting their Grammar

The PC Police are out in force on this issue. Apparently, Liberals new rule for their handbook “How Not to be a Racist” is to stop correcting grammatical errors. That’s a new one. But apparently to liberals, it’s a pretty big problem. In the biggest stretch I’ve ever seen Liberals have connected correcting someone’s grammar … Continue reading “Why Liberals Don’t Like You Correcting their Grammar”

China Threatens U.S. What Will Trump Do?

I’m not sure how this started, but all of our past presidents have taken a rather odd approach with China—they treat the country with kid gloves. It’s like everyone is afraid to say anything negative or scold them too forcefully. No one speaks out against them, they let them get away with everything. As he’s … Continue reading “China Threatens U.S. What Will Trump Do?”

What Has Obama Wrought Us 8 Years Later?

One way many people like to use to determine if a president is successful is whether or not they are better off now than before the president took office. Now, this isn’t the best, most scientific way to do this. For starters, many of the economic ramifications of a president are not felt until years … Continue reading “What Has Obama Wrought Us 8 Years Later?”

John McCain to Blame for Fake News Story about Trump?

John McCain is one of the most known senators within the United States Congress. The Arizona senator ran for president against Barack Obama the very first time Obama ran back in 2008. While he remains in the senate he also remains one of the most left leaning Republicans today. He has spoken out time and … Continue reading “John McCain to Blame for Fake News Story about Trump?”

Marco Rubio Betrays Donald Trump

Oh, Little Marco, will you ever learn? Marco Rubio just can’t seem to get out of his own shadow. The Senator from Florida couldn’t even win his own state when he ran against Trump in the Republican primaries. Perhaps the rest of the country should start to listen to his home state a bit more … Continue reading “Marco Rubio Betrays Donald Trump”

George Soros Loses $1 Billion on Trump Rally

If you don’t know the name George Soros by now you’ve likely been living under a rock. The hedge fund manager became a billionaire by playing in the financial markets of countries around the world. He beat up and manipulated currencies of nations around the world. He’s done it to Russia, England, and China—after which … Continue reading “George Soros Loses $1 Billion on Trump Rally”

Obama’s Biggest Policy Blunders

Eight years ago then Congressman Obama ran his presidential campaign on “hope” and “change.” What he failed to disclose to voters was that the change we were going to get was a worse off economy, more expensive healthcare premiums, declining median income rate, worsening racial tensions, and more terrorist attacks. To top it off, President … Continue reading “Obama’s Biggest Policy Blunders”

Obama’s Secret Plan to Blackout Trump

It is always interesting what a president tries to pull in the final hours of his presidency. President Obama instead of focusing on the transition of power from himself to Donald Trump is focusing on sliding in whatever legislation he can before he is forced to vacate the White House. In the last two weeks … Continue reading “Obama’s Secret Plan to Blackout Trump”