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Trump Dumps Obama!

If anyone thought this was going to be a smooth transition of power from President Obama to President-Elect Trump, they were gravely mistaken. While Obama said with Donald Trump present that he would do everything in his power to make a smooth transition, recent comments made by the president suggest this simply is not the … Continue reading “Trump Dumps Obama!”

MTV Tells White Guys to ‘Do Better’ in 2017

While there is no real “politically correct” way to say it, being white and male in this country has become the new thing to hate on. White males have been demonized in the entertainment industry and, often times, middle class white males are simply not allowed to have an opinion about something. It is perceived … Continue reading “MTV Tells White Guys to ‘Do Better’ in 2017”

Trump Exposes Hillary’s BFF, Saudi Prince for the Coward He Is

Let’s face it. The Clinton Foundation is and always has been a front. More or less it is a money laundering scheme. You know, how a drug dealer buys a legitimate business in order to funnel his dirty drug money through so it is “clean” and he has a physical reason for having all this … Continue reading “Trump Exposes Hillary’s BFF, Saudi Prince for the Coward He Is”

Americans Report Feeling More Divided than Ever

When President Obama first took office, he said he was ushering in a time of hope and change. That he would bring the country together following eight years of President George W. Bush. The real fact of the matter is none of this really happened. When looking at all of the promises Obama made during … Continue reading “Americans Report Feeling More Divided than Ever”

Muslims in Suburban Michigan Stone Christians at Rally

Suburbs outside of Detroit are home to the largest Islamic population inside of the United States. The vast majority of these individuals generally live without incident, just like most other American citizens. However, if a Christian ever attacks a person of the Islamic faith, do anything to their place of worship or cause trouble in … Continue reading “Muslims in Suburban Michigan Stone Christians at Rally”

Obama Makes Shocking Statement about Trump Supporters

Leave it to Barack Obama to show that he’s living in his own reality, as a new piece penned by the president for the globalist Atlantic Magazine demonstrates. Rather than cataloging or apologizing for any of his mistakes, the president arrogantly blames the citizens of the country and their supposed prejudices for his own failings. … Continue reading “Obama Makes Shocking Statement about Trump Supporters”

White House Refuses to Provide Proof of Allegations against Russia

If the Democrats aren’t careful, they’re going to start blaming the Russians for everything from the stock market’s inexorable rise to the reason why Brad Pitt is divorcing Angelina Jolie. Throughout the presidential election campaign, nearly every time there was a significant revelation made public by WikiLeaks or other media organizations, the Democrats were quick … Continue reading “White House Refuses to Provide Proof of Allegations against Russia”

Muslim Parents Convince Their Kids to Commit Jihad

In this horrifying clip, a man films a mother as she says goodbye to her two young girls, who were sent from their home to become suicide bombers in Damascus, Syria. It’s quite clear from this video that to some radical Muslims, the value of a human life — even one from their own family … Continue reading “Muslim Parents Convince Their Kids to Commit Jihad”

Lena Dunham’s Shocking Abortion Confession

Lena Dunham, the creator, star and writer of the HBO show Girls, seems as determined as ever to stay in the news, even though her 15 minutes of fame are nearly over (we can hope!) as her series is having its last season in 2017. Recently, on her podcast, Dunham was relating a story of a … Continue reading “Lena Dunham’s Shocking Abortion Confession”

Best Trump Video of the Year!

The holidays are always the most wonderful time of the year. From spending time with friends and family to reflecting back on what all you experienced during the year, it is truly a special last few weeks. This year there is even more to be thankful for. For the first time in eight years we … Continue reading “Best Trump Video of the Year!”