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CNN Goes After Fox News-Were they Justified?

Megyn Kelly recently made the move from Fox News to NBC. She draws massive ratings and NBC offered to pay her more money, so you can’t blame her for jumping ship. Her absence on Fox will be felt for a while as the conservative news network lost its star female lead. Now Fox’s weekday evening … Continue reading “CNN Goes After Fox News-Were they Justified?”

The Real Threat to Our Nation’s Security: Hillary Clinton

On Sunday evening, the FBI released another massive Hillary Clinton email dump. In fact, it released 300 pages of new emails. Sunday might seem like an odd time to drop all of this material. Typically, any sort of late weekend release is more unusual. This proved to be common place before the Internet as it … Continue reading “The Real Threat to Our Nation’s Security: Hillary Clinton”

Go Home Meryl!

The Golden Globes took place last Sunday. For fans of movies and television, this is can be a fun time to watch favorite celebrities or to revel in the fact that a favorite movie won a top award. Many people do become connected with certain performers, so watching these kind of award shows allows one … Continue reading “Go Home Meryl!”

CNN Asserts Chicago Teen Torture Video Isn’t a Hate Crime

CNN has turned into one of the biggest joke news networks out there. Now, you can say other stations like MSNBC or CNBC are bigger jokes, but at least these networks acknowledge their liberal bias. CNN likes to say it is a straight shooting news station, but that almost makes it worse because it won’t … Continue reading “CNN Asserts Chicago Teen Torture Video Isn’t a Hate Crime”

Obama’s Exit Speech Ripped in Spectacular Fashion-Why GOP Rolled their Eyes

President Obama just made his final exit speech to the American people. Obama did a considerable amount of back patting, considering what he’s done to our nation over the last eight years. Of course, the things that Obama decided to talk about in his closing remarks really seemed to sugar coat his major failures as … Continue reading “Obama’s Exit Speech Ripped in Spectacular Fashion-Why GOP Rolled their Eyes”

Jeff Sessions Congressional Hearing Goes Haywire

With the Presidential Inauguration just days away, hearings are taking place in order to approve cabinet members. One of the very best cabinet members to go before congress is Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Typically, when someone goes in front of congress, members of congress will question the individual based on their current … Continue reading “Jeff Sessions Congressional Hearing Goes Haywire”

White Privilege is Bullshit

The concept of “white privilege” gets a lot of play among progressives and liberals, but as this clip shows, it is all but a fantasy due to demographic reality. In this insightful video, commentator Jay Fayza of The Rebel demonstrates that the facts of who earns what in America turn the concept of white privilege … Continue reading “White Privilege is Bullshit”

Liberals Believed North Korea Was More Democratic than the US

Can you believe that mainstream news outlets published a story claiming that North Korea was more democratic than many U.S. states? Well, that’s what recently happened, as independent journalism source 1791L notes in this video. The Huffington Post, Vox, MSNBC and Slate all trumpeted a report put out by Harvard University’s Electoral Integrity Project (EIP), … Continue reading “Liberals Believed North Korea Was More Democratic than the US”

Are You Part of the Alt-Right?

For many viewers still confused about what the “Alt-Right” is, this brief commentary by conservative speaker and pundit Milo Yiannopoulos is a great introductory explanation. Although, for a real primer, curious knowledge seekers may want to examine Yiannopoulos’ 5000-word “Guide to the Alt-Right” in the archives of Breitbart News. In the Guide, co-written by Breitbart … Continue reading “Are You Part of the Alt-Right?”

Why Liberals Support Radical Islam

In a post-speech Q-and-A at Michigan’s Hillsdale College, conservative lawyer and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro answers a question from an audience member about the “unholy alliance between the Left and Muslim supremacists.” Shapiro has a very cogent reply and explains that both groups have the same goal: the devolution and destruction of Western civilization. … Continue reading “Why Liberals Support Radical Islam”