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Stranger Things Actor’s Wild Comments about State of U.S.

While there are a handful of Republicans in Hollywood, the overwhelming majority of actors, writers, producers, directors, and film people are very liberal. Because Hollywood is a tight-knit circle they literally surround themselves with only other liberals, leading them to only hear the opinions of their fellow liberal elitist over and over again, day in … Continue reading “Stranger Things Actor’s Wild Comments about State of U.S.”

Obama the Hypocrite

The exceedingly liberal media has made finding quality, accurate and bipartisan news as difficult as sifting for gold. Every single thing Donald Trump does is completely ripped apart, and yet just about everything he has done other presidents have done or talked about in a similar fashion. Take for example immigration. President Trump has drawn … Continue reading “Obama the Hypocrite”

NY Mayor De Blasio’s Controversial Comments on Illegals

The last several presidents have given speeches about removing undesirable individuals who are in the country illegally—Obama, Bush, Clinton. However, for whatever reason, it is only Donald Trump who receives the backlash. Perhaps it is the way he says it or maybe people are just upset and want someone to blame so naturally they blame … Continue reading “NY Mayor De Blasio’s Controversial Comments on Illegals”

Bill Clinton’s Anti-Immigration Speech Sounds Eerily Familiar

In the first 10 days since taking office, Donald Trump has taken a lot of heat for his executive orders regarding immigration and refugees. The media has never truly stopped attacking Donald Trump and the liberal left seems to love pointing at every little issue. The problem with the liberal left and the media trying … Continue reading “Bill Clinton’s Anti-Immigration Speech Sounds Eerily Familiar”

Careful our Children are Watching

During the presidential election, Hillary Clinton put out an Anti-Trump advertisement telling the United States “our children are listening.” The commercial took a few random clips of an impassioned Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally. Essentially, Hillary Clinton wanted to make people ashamed to vote for Donald Trump because of his passionate speeches that … Continue reading “Careful our Children are Watching”

Debunking Feminism

The idea of feminism has always been to ensure women and men receive equal pay for equal work. That has always been the core of the belief. Everyone is created equal and should be treated equal. Seems fair enough and in truth it should be the case. If someone does the same amount of work … Continue reading “Debunking Feminism”

Woman Whining over Portrayal of Muslims in Media Gets Shut Down in Brilliant Fashion

Political correctness has become a major burden in this country. It has reached a point where you simply can’t say anything without offending another person. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld went on record stating he would never perform again on a college campus because the need for everyone to be politically correct makes performing unbearable. In the … Continue reading “Woman Whining over Portrayal of Muslims in Media Gets Shut Down in Brilliant Fashion”

Ivanka: I Will Not Act as First Lady

Ivanka has long appeared by her father’s side. While she worked for her father’s real estate business, she simultaneously ran her own clothing line, and appeared on the hit TV show The Apprentice with her father. She also took part in a large number of campaign rallies over the course of the last year. After … Continue reading “Ivanka: I Will Not Act as First Lady”

Obama Does it Again! Gives More Money to Terrorists

Donald Trump has been hard at work since taking over the Oval Office. Saying he hit the ground running is an understatement as he has focused on a large number of different topics. This is obviously the difference between someone in business running the government and a career politician who is use to taking month … Continue reading “Obama Does it Again! Gives More Money to Terrorists”

Trump’s White House Press Secretary is a Bad Ass

The liberal news media is relentless in their efforts to disparage Trump or anyone else in his administration. It seems they enjoyed picking even the smallest bits of information out of what newly appointed White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has said and twisting it however they can. Instead of focusing on the entire story, … Continue reading “Trump’s White House Press Secretary is a Bad Ass”