Pelosi Tells Liberals Trump’s Tax Cut Bill is Raising Taxes on the Middle Class

To say Democrat Nancy Pelosi is the product of the extremist left-wing thinking that has pulled her party out of favor with everyday Americans would be an understatement. The radical California liberal favors open borders, sanctuary cities and states, taking away guns and higher taxes. That’s right, higher taxes.

In this Politico Playbook Interview, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi takes aim at the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law by a Republican-led coalition in Congress. Pelosi, who continues to advocate for the “resist” and “obstruct” platform of criminal organizations such as Antifa and other common street thugs, rattles off a list of suspicious statistics that claim Americans will be hurt by the recent tax reform legislation. Hypocrisy doesn’t appear to be a problem for Pelosi.

She may be hiding behind the fact that voters won’t see the bulk of the tangible benefits in 2019, after filing their 2018 tax returns. However, many workers are already seeing a little extra money in their paychecks and thousands have enjoyed bonuses from companies expecting great things.

While the extremist liberal may be spewing out numerous false and misleading “statistics,” what she wants to do about taxes is very troubling. Check out this GOP War Room video on YouTube and find out what Pelosi would do if the Democrats regain the majority in Congress.