Proof Clinton Foundation Lied about How Much Support They Got from Firm Hired by Russians

No one ever accused the Clintons of being 100% honest. The truth, however, always comes out eventually. Now, we are learning that the Clinton Foundation drastically misrepresented just how much money they received from Apco Worldwide – a firm hired by the Russians to lobby on behalf of the country’s state-owned nuclear company.

While the Clinton Foundation only disclosed $50,000 in donations from Apco, we now know that the firm actually gave over $1 million to the Clinton Foundation in pro bono donations. In addition to this revelation, we also know that an FBI undercover informant is prepared to testify before Congress and is expected to tell them that Russia chose to work with Apco specifically because of their connections to the Clinton Foundation and that they expected Apco’s donations to the Clinton Foundation to go up after they were hired by Russia.

This all comes out at the same time that the left’s witch-hunt of tying President Trump to Russian collusion is coming to a head, yet the amount of attention it is getting in the media is, unsurprisingly, significantly less. Nevertheless, it’s good to see that the truth about Hillary Clinton and the real story of Russian collusion is finally coming out.

To see Sean Hannity discuss this breaking news, be sure to check out the video below.