Putin Reveals New Arctic Military Base

The creation of a new military base is not necessarily something out of the ordinary. Countries around the world continually set up and establish new bases for varying reasons. However, Russia’s latest military base has some on edge because of the location of it.

The new Russian military base is located right on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Still technically part of Russia (or at least Russian controlled, as the base is located on an island north of the mainland), this area recently became available thanks to the melting of ice burgs.

This region of the world is heavy in natural resources, so the ability control the region could prove very valuable. Russia already produces a good amount of its own oil, but the ability to more or less control this portion of the globe’s oil reserve is extremely valuable.

The reason why Russia decided to build this military base is up for debate. Some may see it as a means to defend its most northern region of the country. Others may see it as a sign of force in an attempts to grab hold of the regions oil by showing it has the military strength to do so. What is to be said though is the new base is increasing tensions between Russia and the US. Find out more about Russia’s new military operation in the video below.