Reagan Warned Us about Obama

Over 40 years ago, Ronald Reagan warned us about Barack Obama without mentioning his name. Of course, when this speech was given, Obama might have been just 10 years old.

But oh, what changes 40 years can bring — spiraling debt, shrinking security and a dollar that’s worth a small fraction of what it was in the past, adjusted for inflation. With a little misdirection, Obama the magician managed to convince great numbers of people to vote for him twice, despite presiding over massive debt increases, embarrassing employment figures, falling wages and a tide of illegal immigrants.

Reagan — who won the Cold War for the U.S. without firing a shot — looks like a hero next to our past president, who’s a sorry excuse of a charlatan, running his “shadow government” from a glorified bunker compound in Washington even as he stays away from his home state of Hawaii, which is conducting civil defense drills in the face of a North Korean threat the ex-president simply ignored.

While Reagan faithfully guided his country until nearly the end of his life, Obama is looking to cash in on his government service, signing a book deal worth $60 million for his memoirs. Could the two presidents be any more different?

Watch as Reagan’s prescient speech is intercut with Obama’s embarrassing gaffes, grimaces and missteps in this telling clip.