Republican Congressman Moves to End Taxpayer Subsidy for NFL Stadiums

Who else is tired of seeing spoiled millionaire athletes get away with crime after crime? And then, they have the audacity to protest the country that enables their destructive lifestyles! Well, one good thing is that Americans have proven that they won’t keep tolerating it.

While NFL ratings are plummeting to the sewers, GOP lawmakers are working to close tax loopholes that have been exploited by team owners for years.

It turns out that new stadiums built over the last two decades have been largely funded by taxpayer subsidies. These subsidies were intended to help new businesses find the capital to get off the ground. They were not designed for billionaire sports teams to get the taxpayers to fund their new, over the top and completely unnecessary stadiums and facilities.

It makes you wonder if any of the whining protesters are even aware of how the country they hate paid for the stadium that provides their job? In the end it doesn’t matter. The people are done with it and the GOP is on the job.

The NFL can pay their own bills from now on, and if they don’t fix their attitude soon, that might prove difficult. In the video, you can see just how big the problem is and how the GOP is handling it. Take a look.