Republican Pundit Says What We’re All Thinking about Comey’s Testimony

Once again, former Governor of New Hampshire John Sununu hits the nail on the head.

In this clip from an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Sununu — a former Chief of Staff for George H. W. Bush — dissects the exact words former FBI Director James Comey used in his private discussions with President Trump.

If you watch closely, you can see CNN’s Camerota attempting to put words in Trump’s mouth that he didn’t say. Sununu is too smart for Camerota, and he corrects her — multiple times. This clip is actually a perfect example of how the media takes an action or words from President Trump and tries to spin them to the benefit of Democrats and globalists.

Sununu also brings up another point, which was reiterated by Republican Senator Susan Collins of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is — if Comey had a problem with President Trump’s apparent intentions, why didn’t he confront the president head-on at the time they were meeting? As Sununu suggests, this lack of action on Comey’s part could be interpreted as an attempt to entrap and ensnare the president, rather than cautioning him on his behavior. Watch, as once again, MIT-educated Sununu gets the better of Camerota in this telling clip.