Rod Rosenstein Threatening GOP to Avoid Surrendering Documents

Give criticism where it is due. Despite an excellent record on policy, Donald Trump has made some mistakes. His biggest might have been nominating Rod Rosenstein. While the man appeared to have an excellent record as an attorney, his performance as Deputy Attorney General has possibly been the worst of any of Trump’s nominees.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far. The FISA warrants used to spy on Trump’s campaign were granted in defiance of statutes, law and precedent. They were obviously an extension of a corrupt political attack. The FBI and DOJ fought very hard to keep the public from knowing this truth, but it’s out now.

Unfortunately, that truth came with bad news. Rod Rosenstein was the one who continued approving the FISA warrant and its process while Trump was president. This wouldn’t be a huge stab in the back and complete conflict of interest if there was any substantial evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. There still isn’t, and we can now verify that Rosenstein was fully aware of the problems with the warrant when he stamped it. This is only one of a number of bad moves he’s made, and it looks as though the entirety of his actions in office have been under a conflict of interests.

Things just went from bad to worse. Knowing that he’s been exposed, Rosenstein crossed the line. His abuse of power and departure from law and order are clearly demonstrated in this video. Take a look.