Say What?! Bill Clinton Thinks its Good Standards have Changed on What You Can Force a Woman to do Against her Will

The president whose name was synonymous with lying while in office just can’t stopping saying the most messed up things. From “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” to what is the meaning of the word “Is” on national television, disgraced Pres. Bill Clinton apparently enjoys blathering on, much to the free world’s dismay.

In this PBS News Hour interview, “Slick Willy” gets tossed softball questions about the #MeToo movement. Host Judy Woodruff treads lightly as the liberal-leaning, publicly-funded television network appears to be providing the former president with an opportunity to rehabilitate himself.

While stumping his new book “The President is Missing,” co-written with best-selling author James Patterson, “Slick Willy” squirms over questions about sexual harassment in the workplace and even the meaning of sexual assault. While many have called for a “reckoning” with regards to Clinton’s ugly history with women, liberal show hosts continue to go easy on him.

The left-leaning host meekly asks about his extra-marital affair with Monica Lewinsky. Woodruff does not bring up the rape allegations leveled by Juanita Broderick. Even with Woodruff helping to usher him through #MeToo questions, it’s hard to tell who is more uncomfortable, Clinton or poor James Patterson.

Watch Clinton try to worm his way out of sexual misconduct questions on this PBS segment. His latest lines will shock you!