Sean Hannity Vows to Sue Obama for Illegal Surveillance Allegations

Bam! By now, you’ve probably heard about the “unmasking” that former President Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice and his Director of National Intelligence James Clapper were responsible for under the previous presidential administration.

Obama was trying to faithfully serve the Democratic Party using his intelligence apparatus (which to this day continues to store details of every American phone call, email, text message and computer chat) to spy on members of the Trump presidential campaign. “Unmasking” is simply the process of attaching names to each one of the sets of data that are stored, something that by law is only supposed to be done in the name of national security.

But now, as we learn more about what happened under Obama, we’re finding out that a massive unmasking effort was undertaken that may have ensnared the private details of ordinary, average Americans and even news reporters such as Fox’s Sean Hannity.

To conduct an unmasking for any other purpose except national security is blatantly illegal. When Hannity learned about this and found out that he, too, may have been one of those who was “unmasked,” he vowed to fight back on behalf of decent Americans and sue the government over this unauthorized surveillance. Here’s hoping that he follows through on this pledge. Watch as Western Journalism zooms in on this most important story.