Senate Intelligence Committee Member Admits No Evidence Exists Linking Trump and Russian Collusion


It seems now that even the Democrats are admitting that the “Russian collusion” story they’ve been trying to pin on President Trump for more than a year is a falsehood, as this clip with Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier of California shows.

Try as they might, Democrats just can’t seem to come up with any evidence that ties the Trump campaign to Russian attempts to hack, sway or influence the race in any way, although we now know that there were definitely efforts made by the Russians to do all these things.

The only thing we do know is that the Russians bought a few hundred thousand dollars’ worth of Facebook ads in 2015 and 2016, in which they targeted voters from certain states, including a number that Trump ultimately won in.

But would an ad placed a whole year before the election (most of the ad buys occurred in 2015, versus 2016) really have had that much of an effect? Plus, whose fault is it that Facebook accepted the ads in the first place? Was this a ploy by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (who supported Democrat Hillary Clinton) to claim he didn’t know what was going on, so he could later accuse the Russians of wrongdoing?

It’s worth noting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has now reverted to questioning the man who put together the discredited “Dirty Dossier” on President Trump — British former intelligence agent Christopher Steele. This is despite the fact that Congressional intelligence committees, such as the one the Congresswoman shown here is a part of, have rejected Steele’s dossier entirely. In some circles, Mueller’s actions would be considered “grasping at straws.”

Watch, as the Democrat Senator with direct knowledge of the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia is forced to admit no evidence has been found of collusion.