The Great American Tax Rip-off

Do you remember learning about the Boston Tea Party? Colonials were so outraged by an unjust tea tax that they protested by throwing it into the harbor. The slogan at the time was “no taxation without representation.”

But, when Benjamin Franklin negotiated with the British government, he was told by American leaders that he should accept representation under no circumstances. You see, being taxed when you get no say in the spending is a violation of justice, but the founders were against the bulk of taxes to begin with.

That is why budgetary arguments are so important. It’s why traditional conservatives are so outraged by the size of our bloated entitlement programs. Taxation itself is an enemy of freedom, and while we can’t escape it entirely, we make the problem worse every time we increase the government’s burden of rule and regulation. Every single thing done by the government costs tax money, and they usually work less efficiently than civilian counterparts.

Today, we aren’t just taxed unjustly. We don’t even know the majority of the taxes we pay. Worst of all, two-thirds of those taxes are appropriated to pay for illegal immigrants and law breakers who manipulate and abuse the system to avoid an honest day’s work. This video will unveil the truth to you, and you’ll see that even your wildest estimates are way below what you actually pay in taxes.