The Real Russian Collusion Story is Not What You Think

The United States has been at odds with Russia in some shape or form for nearly 100 years. Since the end of the Second World War when some military generals wanted to continue into Russia after the fall of Germany to present times, Russia and the United States are often butting heads. However, despite the constant butting of heads, the two nations have remained more or less peaceful, without extreme military violence. In many ways, Russia has become the boogie man. Recently, Democrats have constantly blamed Russia for interfering with the election, despite no real evidence pointing to it.

However, recent information that has come up involving Russia and individuals within the U.S. colluding together are not what you might think, and it isn’t what Democrats would want you to believe. Documentation has come forward to suggest members of the Russian government have worked with anti-fracking companies within the United States to reduce support for fracking in the U.S. By doing so, this in turn would cut down on the amount of oil Americans would have access to and would need to increase the import of oil from other nations, specifically Russia. Is this information true and if so, how are Russian politicians and groups in the U.S. working together? Watch the video to discover for yourself.