The Video Baton Rouge Cop Killer Posted that Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

The Baton Rouge Cop Killer filmed himself for a string of YouTube videos the week before his heinous act. Now released, the video paints a clear picture. He was a racist, hateful, militant Islamist.
He brags repeatedly about his two years in Africa where he pursued Islam and “spiritual enlightenment”. The lessons he learned were ones of hate and murder. This isn’t the first time that Islam has been tied to Black Lives Matter. They both preach the same code: obey or die.
The videos reveal so much more, though. The cop killer made it clear that protesting was never his goal. He made it clear that he wanted to take stronger action, likening protesters to “women” in order to show his contempt for both.
More than that, his videos paint him as a racist who believed that doing business with anyone who isn’t black should be criminal, and his tolerance of other races is nonexistent. He capped it off with praise for the Black Panthers and Malcolm X, highlighting the narrative that BLM is here to promote hate and violence.
It’s no wonder so many parallels keep appearing between them and other Islamic terrorists throughout the world.