Throwback Interview from 1990 of Trump on CNN Complaining about Fake News

It seems President Trump’s disaffection for CNN — the “Clinton News Network” (or what he calls the “Fraud News Network” now) — is nothing new. At least, that seems to be what one can ascertain by watching this darkly humorous clip of Trump walking out of a 1990 interview with the channel.

To his credit, Trump has in the past taken legal action against certain news organizations that have falsified facts or stories about him or his businesses.

But Trump also clearly shows where his repulsion and disgust for the organization come from — the reporter shown here clearly has come into the interview expecting to turn it into a “hit piece” that will embarrass Trump with negative queries and opinions voiced by third parties. Prior to the interview, Trump seems to have heard from his employees that the reporter shown here had tried to put words in their mouths by asking leading questions, and Trump obviously took offense to this. And rather than the reporter acting fairly when given a chance, he makes the decision to continue to attack Trump using dubious source material, and Trump won’t have any of it.

Watch as the future president’s brusque reaction is fully justified by the globalist network’s lust for ratings-generating dirt.