Trump Cheered at National College Football Championship Game

Behavior during the playing of the National Anthem has become a hot-button issue in the country’s vehemently polarized political factions. However, this Fox News video of the NCAA College Football National Championship game demonstrates that Pres. Donald J. Trump’s unwavering respect for the flag, anthem and brave men and women that serve hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Pres. Trump has been a fierce opponent of NFL millionaire athletes who disrespect the ceremonious singing of the National Anthem by taking a knee. The college championship game between Alabama and Georgia provided an opportunity for the Commander-in-Chief to show how a true patriot conducts himself.

With some of America’s finest soldiers to his left and right, the President proudly place his hand over his chest and actually patted his heart several times during the anthem. Despite his devotion and leadership, many in the Fake News media have called his anthem acumen into question.

Several sources are claiming that Pres. Trump was met by jeers and not applause when he walked on to the football field. Still other detractors claim that the President of the United States did not know the words as he sang along to the Zach Brown band’s anthem rendition.

Take a long, hard look at this 2.44-minute Fox News video and be the judge of whether or not Pres. Trump is a true patriot that knows the words to the country’s National Anthem or not!