Trump Explains the Real Reason the Media is Obsessed with Russian Collusion Investigation

2017 wouldn’t have been as fun if the Democrats had been telling the truth about this whole Russian collusion story, but the evidence has come in like an avalanche proving that Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media- the Wall Street Journal in particular-, the DNC and the Democratic party as a whole have been lying to cover for their own guilt… and the result has been a roller coaster of alternating outrage and hilarity.

You really couldn’t have timed the sex scandal meltdown of the Hollywood elite with the collapse of the Russia narrative any better. In fact everything the enemies of America have done has totally backfired on them. From Trump’s glorious re-purposing of the term, ‘fake news,’ to the complete draining of meaning that has happened to liberal’s favorite invectives; racist, sexist, homophobe… These terms have become synonymous with not having voted for Hillary.

Looking around at the utter carnage of failing and broken left wing structures, power-players, and tactics, we cannot help but be reminded of the verse, Isaiah 54:17; “No weapon formed against you will prosper.”

It really has been an amazing year. Even as the outrage machine continues to sputter its last and die, the President goes on pushing the economy through the roof, restoring jobs, and restoring our faith in this once and future great nation. And Trump himself has had a few things to say about the Left’s obsession with their ridiculous Russian collusion story, which have been laid out in this montage from The Western Journal.