Trump Hits Back at the Biased Media

When watching how the media treats current President Donald Trump, even the staunchest Democrat has to agree he has not been treated fairly. For anyone to not agree with that statement it simply means they are not paying attention (or simply have fallen into the trap of just believing every single word the left leaning media continues to pump out without seeking all the facts).

However, the level of which Donald Trump has been treated is difficult to compare to. Throughout the course of his campaign he constantly fell under the media’s thumb as news outlets used Donald Trump clips and quotes to boost ratings. Bashing Donald Trump has become a sport all on its own, and for anyone paying attention to actual news, without leaving information out, they would see in many ways national media outlets have turned it into a fabricated witch hunt.

President Donald Trump seems to make fewer and fewer public appearances, but that is not the case. It simply is the news does not like to cover him making accurate statements or making perfect sense. It isn’t in their best interest as the news outlets see advertising dollars continually go up when negatively portraying the president.

Sadly, the news no longer carries “just the facts.” it is about making more money and outdoing the competition. It’s a game to the news outlets and the only losers are those trying to uncover the full truth of a story. So how does Donald Trump feel on the situation? Watch the video to hear him address the media biased, in his own words.