Valedictorian’s Speech Cut for Mentioning God and Jesus

No one can reasonably argue that public schools are institutions of learning. They are secular humanist churches dedicated to indoctrinating the young against the Christian faith of Western Civilization. How else do you explain the hostility to the mere mention of the name of Jesus or references to the God of the Bible?

Here’s a case in point: Sam Blackledge was a valedictorian of his class at West Prairie High School in Illinois this year. When administrators saw his graduation speech ahead of time, and Sam’s remarks thanking Jesus and God, they told him it was inappropriate for the venue. Sam earned the right to address his fellow classmates through four years of excellence in school, but he was not going to be allowed to address them unless he used approved, secular humanist language.

Sam attempted to come to a compromise with the high priests of his school district. Perhaps a disclaimer could be issued ahead of time, letting attendees know that the words were Sam’s alone and not those of the school? That sounds like a mature, win-win situation, right? No dice. The administrators told him to take his icky Christianity out of the speech, otherwise he couldn’t give the speech.

Sam Blackledge’s response to the secular humanists is a profile in courage. He stood up for his faith against the professional bullies who worked for 12 years to try to beat his faith out of them. You really must watch this video to see Sam’s response. Trust us, it will strengthen your faith to know that some American parents are still raising their boys to become men of courage.