Van Jones: Clinton “Took a Billion Dollars and Lit it on Fire”

Van Jones is a Democratic spokesperson and journalist who appears on CNN mostly. He sat center stage during the Presidential Election as Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump and had to attempt to make sense of it all. While he is no fan of President Trump, he recently proved he is no fan of Hillary Clinton either.

The Democratic Party assumed it had the election in the bag, but in fact they did everything wrong while Donald Trump, a political outsider, did a good amount right. Liberals attempted to rally behind the party, sift through the pieces and blame anyone and everyone except themselves. Naturally it had to be people didn’t get out to vote, or Russia had to of hacked the election or something else of this nature. Van Jones is not buying these excuses though and has something completely different to say.

Van Jones recently spoke at The People’s Summit. During the summit he discussed many issues within the Democratic Party. He also directly put the blame of the Presidential loss squarely on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton and her campaign, because in all reality, if she had run a smart campaign, she likely would have won the presidency. However, she failed to do so and yet has refused to take any responsibility for running such a disastrous campaign.

What exactly did Van Jones say about Hillary Clinton and how “they took a billion dollars and lit it on fire”? Watch the video to hear him in his own words.