Washington Post Blames Conservative Radio Host for the Trump Hating Man who Shot Steve Scalise

One of the easiest things to do as a human is to blame someone else for personal faults and flaws. Hillary Clinton has done and continues to do this ever since the November election, essentially blaming everyone except herself. However, when someone decides they want to carry out a violent act against other human beings, it takes the lowest form of humanity to do such a thing. This is exactly what happened during the recent D.C. shooting, which targeted several Republicans including Steve Scalise, all who were practicing for a softball game.

While the gunman was killed, so knowing his complete mindset for why he carried out the act of hatred, violence and, ultimately, treason by attempting to kill American representatives, some Democrats have had the audacity to try and attach blame for the shooting. In the wake of such an event, finger pointing is the last thing anyone should do, yet this did not stop an anti-Trump newspaper from actually blaming a conservative radio host for inspiring the man to carry out the shooting.

Many of the most traditional newspapers around the country have turned into anti-trump publishers, ultimately providing editorialized content instead of just the facts and just the news. Even the New York Times, once the beacon of news reporting, has had its moments in this editorialized era of news reporting. The paper in question though is the Washington Post. What did the Post say and what radio host did the paper blame? Watch the video to discover for yourself.