Why there may Never be Proof Obama Spied on Trump

Recently, President Donald Trump announced he believed former President Obama and his administration had spied on him both during the presidential campaign and after the election as well. This statement outraged Democrats around the nation as liberals not only claimed this to be a farce while also asking for proof.

However, if Democrats complaining about this claim would simply step back and look at the past history of the Obama administration, they likely would see this claim is not at all out of the realm of possibility.
The Obama administration has been caught spying on other individuals and governments before. In fact, evidence came out about the United States listening in on phone conversations made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Democrats continually want to point to a possible souring of relations between Mexico and the United States based on President Trump’s desire to build a wall, yet they never talk about how spying on the German Chancellor has affected U.S. and German relations over the years.
Under President Obama, the IRS specifically targeted Republicans and Tea Party members in auditing tax returns. So President Obama utilizing these kinds of tactics is nothing new.

While there is a strong possibility of former President Obama having spied on Donald Trump over the last year or so, there may never actually be tangible proof of this ever happening. Check out the explanation of why we’re not likely to ever see physical, undeniable truth on the issue, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t done.