Woman’s March Organizer Calls for ‘Jihad’ against President Trump

It looks like Muslim activist Linda Sarsour is at it again. The fiery young headscarf-wearing woman who became known for co-chairing the 2017 Women’s March on Washington gave yet another speech in which she said something entirely offensive and inappropriate; in this case, she called for a “jihad” against President Trump.

But either Sarsour isn’t familiar enough with her parents’ homeland of the Palestinian Territories of Israel, or she’s ignorant of what the meaning of “jihad” is, as Dr. Qanta Ahmed, the author of the book In the Land of Invisible Women, tells Fox News.

As a Muslim and a scholar, Dr. Ahmed knows all too well the meaning of jihad as it’s interpreted by Muslim radicals and extremists, as she confirms in this clip. As it’s typically used in many Muslim-majority countries, “jihad” is a violent act of overthrowing a government and/or armed forces, and so when Sarsour uses this term, even if it’s only meant philosophically, it could be perceived as a “trigger” word that can easily be seen as a call to commit violent action.

Sarsour clearly is acting as an agitator, and this word is meant to incite her audience. But who is among that audience? Many of the people who listen to her speeches are likely nonviolent and peaceful, but who knows who else is listening and drawing inspiration? As Dr. Ahmed argues, the use of this word is irresponsible at best and seditious at worst. Watch as she discusses the topic with Fox’s Abby Huntsman.