Wow! Even Democrats Call for Investigation into Loretta Lynch over Obstruction of Justice

It might be time to get Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein a little Pepto-Bismol!

That’s because the senator admits to CNN’s Brianna Keilar that she, like former FBI Director James Comey, had a “queasy feeling” regarding the directive ex-Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave to Comey regarding his agency’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s personal email server.

Specifically, Lynch apparently directed Comey to call the probe a “matter,” rather than an “investigation.” If that’s the case, that would demonstrate a clear bias that Lynch had favoring Clinton — which looks terrible in and of itself, but appears even worse in the wake of her private meeting with former President Bill Clinton aboard her jet at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport on June 27th, 2016.

At the time of that meeting, media reporters were ordered by Lynch’s security staff not to take pictures or video, and much speculation centered on what the two figures discussed. Lynch insisted that it was only a courtesy call and that the two mostly talked about their grandchildren.

But in the wake of Comey’s recent testimony in a hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee, it may be time to give Lynch a hearing of her own where she can recount her side of the story under oath. Let’s hope that Senator Feinstein has her stomach relaxers at the ready! Watch as CNN’s Keilar gets the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth in this amusing clip.