You Won’t Believe What This CNN Guest Demanded of the Network

Looks like CNN can’t handle the truth in even minuscule amounts!

As this clip shows, as soon as a guest or a host on the “Clinton News Network” steps up to defend President Trump against personal insults or defamation of character, that guest or host is replaced.

In this case, the man in question who got the ax was Paris Dennard, the former director of Black Outreach for the administration of President George W. Bush. Despite the fact that Dennard was the only minority member of this panel convened on CNN, he was immediately replaced by a white panelist after this rare outburst — in this case against former Bill Clinton Chief Strategist Paul Begala.

Dennard is absolutely correct in saying that for most of the mainstream media, no attack is too dirty, no comment is too low and no angle is off-limits when it comes to impugning the president. Whether the media believes that they’re on the side of right because of President Trump’s supposed loss of the popular vote, or it’s simply a case that these media companies are owned and managed by globalist billionaires, their actions are simply intolerable and below the common standard that should be accorded to any person holding the highest office in the country.

It used to be that the media would only attack the actions of the president, and not his character — and certainly not his family. But now, with multiple outlets interviewing psychiatrists to ask if President Trump is officially sane and websites publishing caches of modeling pictures of Melania Trump, the business of criticism has gotten uncomfortably personal. Watch as this brave man attempts to put CNN — and most of the mainstream media — temporarily in its place.