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CNN Lies to the American People about President Trump and Russian Collusion

It’s time to give credit where credit is do. The mainstream media is impressive. Their shift from journalism to propaganda was so subtle that roughly half the country missed it. They transitioned from focusing on facts to focusing on beliefs took decades, and almost no one can define when they actually crossed the line and stopped being objective journalists. It started with analysts. They would present a complicated topic — maybe explaining a downturn in the stock market — and have a genuine expert try to bring the models and theory into layman's terms. Eventually, the expert segments started to ...Continue reading

Feds Have Secretly Been Holding onto 6,000 Pages of Anti-Clinton Whistleblower Docs

Trump supporters are often almost fanatical in their defense of the man. Part of that stems from the fact that he gets more done in the office than traditional politicians. We like the change we’re seeing. The other part is that the hypocrisy of the left is just too much to stomach. If they had ever once leveled scrutiny or honest criticism at one of their own, it would be a lot easier to put up with them investigating Trump. After all, had there ever been any merit to the Mueller investigation, we’d have been in support of it. Instead, ...Continue reading

What Social Justice Warriors who Demonize “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Refuse to Acknowledge

Fine. Let’s talk about “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” First, the facts. It was written in the 1940s. It was a party song performed by a husband and wife. For nearly 80 years, no one had anything to say about it being offensive. Also, it’s mediocre at best. Sure, for some it’s the favorite, but most people are defending against the insane logic of attacking the song rather than promoting the song itself. Let’s look at this from a feminist perspective. Battling rape culture is about agency. Women can defend themselves by knowing their rights and understanding their choices. Anyone taking ...Continue reading

The Most Embarrassing Moment for Chuck Schumer in his Fight with President Trump

It’s fun to look at the past two years and see how much Trump has accomplished. It’s truly impressive. Here’s the question. In all of those times that you’ve tallied the wins, have you ever truly understood how Trump does it? We can call him a genius. We can celebrate his strategy. Maybe it’s because he really does have the best people. All of those things might be true, but the heart of his victory stems from a simple place. He is relentless. He’ll try a thousand different tactics, but he never deviates from his course. He set his goals ...Continue reading

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Claims She is Trans-Jewish

What’s your favorite social justice warrior moment? Is it watching Rachel Maddow melt down on election night in 2016? Perhaps it’s the study that suggests polar ice caps have a feminist impact on seals? Maybe you prefer the daily nonsense. Every tweet from PETA would be a great example. It’s important to stop and laugh at the insanity every now and then. That’s how you keep it from breaking you. This is an entrenched group of Americans who blindly believe some of the most ridiculous, mathematically impossible things. They’ll do whatever their saviors, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, tell them. ...Continue reading

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