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New York State Residents Devastate Cuomo, Schumer with LOWEST Ratings Ever

By now you’ve heard some of the radical changes that have passed through the New York State legislature. They’re all bad, but easily the worst new bill has rewritten abortion laws. New York has now made late-term abortion ok for any reason. As long as a woman can find a doctor willing to perform the murder…err…procedure, it’s legal. After all, abortion is a “fundamental human right.” If you value human life at all, you find this legislation disgusting. And evil. If you don’t value human life, then your name is probably Andrew Cuomo. The New York governor banked on what he assumed was ...Continue reading

New Election Bill is Just Another Outrageous Attempt to Grab Power by Democrats

Here’s a confusing thing about Democrats. They always talk about how they want to work to make sure minorities in America are represented everywhere, but they hate the Electoral College. How do you resolve that contradiction? We all know the truth. Democrats don’t care at all about representing minorities. The only thing they value is their own power. The rest is just optics to convince minority groups that they should vote as a monolith in favor of the left. It’s thinly veiled, and thankfully, minorities in our country are well-educated and growing wise to the act. So, if Democrats can’t ...Continue reading

Federal Judge OK’s Trump’s Citizenship Question on 2020 Census

You’ve probably heard a lot of chatter about how important it is that our President has been on the ball with judge nominations and confirmations. His progress on the Supreme Court is clear, and everyone can see why that is so important. What many people overlook is how important lower court nominations are. Trump has set records on confirming judges in these lower courts. Here’s why it matters. How well do you remember 2017? Virtually every unilateral policy change that President Trump made was challenged in federal courts. Many of his efforts were stalled, if not outright thwarted. Eventually, many ...Continue reading

Rep Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat) Smears by NBC as “Putin Puppet” for Being Anti-War

Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has thrown her hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential election. Her fledgling campaign has barely gotten off the ground and the Deep State is already moving to destroy her with a false flag that should sound familiar to our regular readers. RUSSIA is backing Tulsi Gabbard for President! That’s too bad for the Democrat Party, because Tulsi Gabbard might actually be the last remaining Democrat who is willing to put the brakes on the Crazy Train and prevent their party from ending up on the ash heap of history. Why? Because Gabbard is kinda ...Continue reading

Police Using Your DNA from Ancestry Sites to Their Advantage

You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the new fad of having your DNA tested to see who your ancestors were. In fact, a certain presidential candidate who lied for years about her "American Indian" ancestry so she could personally profit from it, had her DNA test spectacularly backfire. But one thing that most people don't realize is that some of these DNA testing sites are now actively sharing their databases -- of their customers' DNA -- with law enforcement agencies. That should raise huge red flags with anyone who still cares about their personal privacy ...Continue reading

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