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Piers Morgan Reveals Omarosa Once Offered Him Sex to Win Celebrity Apprentice

With the benefit of hindsight, we can give President Trump some genuine, heartfelt criticism. Hiring Omarosa was clearly a mistake. He has expressed as much in his own words. It’s not a critical, career-ending or nationally significant mistake, but she was clearly a bad choice for the post. Most of us who claim to have predicted as much never spoke up before, so we can only truly judge this decision after the fact. Nevertheless, each day provides more damning evidence that Omarosa was completely morally bankrupt, unhinged and completely untrustworthy the whole time. Her secret recordings of classified meetings were ...Continue reading

Democratic Mayor Wants to Get Rid of Fox News, Defends Bias of CNN, MSNBC

How many times have you heard mainstream media decry Trump for assaulting the media? They liken him to a dictator, Nazi and fascist on a daily basis. All of this is based on the fact that he doesn’t like it when they say bad things about him. Despite that, he has made exactly zero moves to censor, restrain or oppress media anywhere in our country. Still, the left might have an argument if they were consistent. They aren’t. They regularly go after Fox News and suggest that it needs to be censored. Far worse, many notable politicians on the left ...Continue reading

As California Wildfires Rage, Scientist BLASTS Media’s Misinformation Campaign about Global Warming

Do you remember when climate change was called global warming? Can you guess why they changed it? They changed it because global warming suggests that the changes to the climate are all moving the thermostat upward- and the data does not support that. The truth is, all of the data the climate change zealots push comes from snippets of climate change data. They tend to select five to seven-year snippets that support their claims. But any climate scientist worth his pants knows that temperature data covering less than 20 years is useless. You might recall, we wrote before about the ...Continue reading

A Blue Wave in November Could Hit Gun Owners the Hardest

Conservatives are people who want to protect something, to preserve something. They are people with the humility to realize that society is complex- that the West has gotten a lot of things right- and they don’t want to risk screwing it up by fooling around with it too much. Liberals are just the opposite. They are out to change everything. If the last 20 years aren't evidence enough- it’s worth considering the fact that no matter how much change they achieve- they’re always pushing for more. It doesn’t matter if working people and families have to pay for that change. ...Continue reading

The NFL Has a History of Hypocrisy

Sports organizations too often try to have their cake and eat it too. They want to hold up star athletes as cultural icons and heroes to push their brand. But that type of promotion often runs smack into real life issues that are important to the very moral fabric of the country. The NFL came under fire for players kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem. But it may have been the league’s poor handling of the issue that caused deep divisions. On this Carmine video, the National Football League’s uneven ideas about fairness gets put under the microscope. ...Continue reading