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In a Historic 9-0 Decision, Supreme Court Shreds Democrats Lawsuit

How much do you really know about the Supreme Court? Sure, you’re familiar with their job and how they get it. It would take an impressive amount of effort to ignore the confirmation process that just happened. You probably also know about a few landmark cases that have helped define American justice. Sometimes those decisions are good, and other times they give evil people free reign to kill millions of babies. Aside from that, how often do you review cases? Do you know if 5-4 or 9-0 decisions are more common? From the way liberals have been acting the past ...Continue reading

Ladies of the View Lose Their Mind over Pro-Trump Country Music Awards

The midterm election didn’t go so well for celebrities and their endorsements. Taylor Swift has stayed silent on politics for her entire career. This year she finally publicly picked a candidate, and that candidate lost by a landslide. Then, she lost a huge portion of her fan base. That went well. You can see the same story repeat across the country. Americans are done with celebrities. They have nothing of value to say, but that never stops them from running their mouths. The result is a public display of stupidity that does nothing good for anyone. Athletes who have pushed ...Continue reading

Christian Woman Outed from Position for her Religious Beliefs

The left loves to pretend that they aren’t anti-Christian. It’s a bold-faced lie. Democratic Senators have actually tried to use standard Christian faith as grounds for voting against a number of Trump’s appointments. They contend that a Christian cannot uphold the law by sheer virtue of being Christian. Let’s go over that again. According to the left, simply having Christian beliefs makes someone incapable of serving in an appointed position. They’ve presented this view countless times, and they hold to it fervently. They would probably say the same about Jewish faith if being openly anti-Semitic swings fully back into style ...Continue reading

Police Chief Refuses to Enforce New Anti-Gun Law

The stories of lawful gun owners protecting family, friends and community members from violent criminals go under-reported in the mainstream media. It’s no coincidence that the left-leaning fake news media is entirely on board with taking away your guns, all of your guns. Despite having a Constitutional right to bear arms, left-wing zealots continue their efforts to disarm Americans and put you at the mercy of the dangerous elements that exist in our cities and towns. The push to strip gun owners of their firearms smells a lot like Nazi Germany when Hitler seized power and took away people’s ability ...Continue reading

Democrats Push for a More Radical Party

You might be old enough to remember when Democrats and Republicans actually worked together to solve issues. Sure, there were always disagreements, but if you watch debate videos from decades past, you’ll see a level of respect and unity that seems foreign today. Even when the parties disagreed on issues, they were often able to find at least some common ground. Those days are long behind us, but it hasn’t been the bulk of the Democrats pushing the issues. Moderate liberals still exist, and they still tend to be at least a little bit reasonable. The extremism has come almost ...Continue reading