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INSANITY: Students Call Ice Cream ‘Oppressive,’ Marginalizes Muslims, Vegans

Just when you thought the liberal snowflakes had melted away from the Make America Great Again sunshine. Just when you thought safe spaces were things that had combination locks and you put valuables inside. Just when you thought social justice warriors had run out of things to throw fits and protest about. Well, none of those things have actually happened. In fact, so desperate has the far, far left become that even ice cream has come under political attack. On this segment of the Blaze, Glenn Beck, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere report on one of the most important issues ...Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Calls for an End to the Electoral College

Hillary Clinton, shut up! Has this country not made it clear enough to you that we want no more of your politics? You are an ancient relic of a failed Democratic era! The world is wise to your lies and tricks. Enough is enough! Your retirement is long overdue. If you have the tiniest shred of self-respect or decency left, you will fade from public life entirely. Talk of Hillary Clinton always leads to the same old, tired, stupid argument. Here’s the easiest way to understand the Electoral College. If New Mexico had to run on California water laws, 2 ...Continue reading

John Kerry ADMITS he went to Iran to Thwart Trump

There’s a hierarchy to violating laws in this country. At the bottom end, you have simple infractions of local rules and ordinances. These can include keeping your lawn clean and driving a red car down Lake Street (yes, those are both real). Violations might include a fine, but they’re pretty light. As you move up the list, you encounter city charters, state laws, state constitutions, federal regulations and Congressional laws, in that order. Punishment for violations tends to grow in severity as you move up the list. It’s why felonies are more feared than misdemeanors. The highest form of crime ...Continue reading

Inside Edition TV Crew Robbed while Reporting on Same Crime

The left wants to have several bastion cities in the U.S. They praise Seattle, New York and sometimes the D.C. area. Austin is also quickly growing on their list. In the end, they all play second fiddle to the true kingdom of extreme leftism: San Francisco. Honest media will tell you that the city is in a bad way. Homelessness is breaking records. Crime sprees are out of control. No one can afford anything, and only the wealthiest tech giants in the world are surviving. It’s a true progressive dystopia. Mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that. They work ...Continue reading

Mainstream Media Ignoring Spike in Illegal Border Crossings?

The left is trying everything they can to brand border security as a racist idea. If preventing illegal immigration is demonized and accepted by the public as immoral, the left wins their war to secure illegal votes. It’s been the basis of their strategy for decades. It’s obviously a ploy, and they have never shown any indication that they believe it. That is best understood when comparing Donald Trump to Barack Obama. Trump was elected in no small part for his stance on immigration. He has worked hard to live up to campaign promises, but the existing government has undermined ...Continue reading