Boom! The Graph on the Economy Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

After eight years of recession and economic stagnation fueled by ex-Pres. Barack Obama, the Democrat appears to be back in politics and ready to completely rewrite history and reality.

These days, the jet-setting former president has been telling audiences that anger over the Benghazi Attacks that his administration denied aid to soldiers under siege is somehow a conspiracy theory. Heroes such as Kris “Tanto” Paronto who were there that night and fought bravely to stave off waves of insurgents have a vastly different view. Obama and Hillary slept in their beds while Americans fought and died with no help on the way.

Building on his disgrace, Obama now wants to take credit for the economic boom led by Pres. Donald J. Trump and the Republicans. Despite mocking Pres. Trump before his election win that no one can wave a magic wand and make jobs appear, the current administration has proven him wrong.

Speaking of getting it wrong, NRA TV host Dan Bongino tears into ex-Pres. Obama about just how wrong he was concerning economic trends. In fact, the so-called “Nerds of the White House” have the numbers to debunk Obama completely.

Although Obama has been spinning some interesting yarns, the number crunchers paint a very different picture. The next time Obama goes on the political stump to prop up his failed economic policy, remember this NRA TV segment and try not to laugh. Better yet, laugh because Obama may be the worst economic president in history.