Chicago Residents Protest Liberal City Leaders, Ask President Trump for Help

Why are the people of Chicago so upset? After all, the Democrats have made it clear that Chicago is safer than Alaska. They tell us that the 37 murders in Alaska last year are somehow scarier than the 60 plus shootings just this last weekend. We know it’s silly, and now, apparently, so do the people of Chicago.

Simply put, they’re fighting for their lives. Even while the left downplays the violence, the people facing it are fed up with inaction and the never ending cycle. They seem to fundamentally disagree with the progressives who claim that hate speech is the worst form of violence. Apparently, being shot is a more serious matter to the person who is bleeding.

In the wake of it all, Chicago is suddenly turning to Trump. They’ll trade the nice words of the Democrats for the swift action of our current President, and hopefully, he’ll be able to make a difference. He’ll have to battle through countless obstacles along the way, but a few simple changes could fix Chicago in short order. Not least of those is allowing these people to finally defend themselves.

Experts on the right have been saying it for a while now. They warned that the Democrats are prioritizing illegal immigrants over the very citizens who elected them. Eventually, those citizens will get tired of it. If this video is any indication, that time is now. Take a look.