Conservative Comedy Show Coming to Late Night TV

It’s no secret that late night comedy shows have spiraled down into one-sided political rhetoric aimed at embarrassing conservatives. Take the once wildly funny Saturday Night Live that used to poke and prod people on both sides of the aisle.

These days, SNL tends to be more mean-spirited than humorous. Just recently the late-night improv show doled out hateful remarks about a conservative veteran who lost an eye fighting ISIS. That’s how liberal late-night shows thank our brave soldiers for their service. To the radical left, there are no lines of respect or decency.

In this video exclusive, political correspondent Jack Posobiec talks late-night conservative comedy with Victor Dweck. The right-wing comedian plans to launch an old-school late-night comedy show that focuses on making people laugh instead of attacking things like family values, heroism, and patriotism.

As Dweck discusses in the interview, major sponsors want to know what any show’s social media platform will be like. Everyday Americans already know that Facebook has deemed good-hearted people a “danger to the community” because they promote conservative values.

According to Dweck, his early skits on social media have already faced a backlash from liberal extremism and have suffered bans. The social justice warriors at organizations such as Facebook have become a real danger to independent voices.

If you want to know what the future of late-night comedy looks like, watch this One America News Network video.