Democrats Nominees for 2020 Try to Out Trump, President Trump

When you think about the Democrats’ strategy for the next election cycle, you probably worry about massive expansions of entitlement programs, doubling the minimum wage, abolishing all forms of border controls or massively hiking taxes. While all of those ideas are equally concerning and extreme, they aren’t really part of the Democratic platform. That’s the progressive agenda, and the majority of Democrats are still against it.

No, the mainstream Democrats have a different strategy. Let’s call it anti-Trumpism. Their only issue and policy will be to declare as loudly as possible that they are not Donald Trump. It’s literally the same plan that Hillary Clinton employed to no success. It’s also indicative of the state of the Democrats. They have no platform anymore. They have no beliefs. They have no principles. In addition to his impressive governing skills, Donald Trump has destroyed the Democratic Party.

Even the big wigs and mainstream candidates of the left have noticed. Since they can’t run on policy or anything remotely resembling a plan, they have one last card to play. It’s exactly the card you expect them to play, but identity politics won’t be able to save them this time. The video lays it out in clear and certain terms. Take a watch and see if you were right.