From Threatening Trump Supporters to Impeachment, Maxine Waters Makes Democrats’ Intentions Clear

The Democrats have no message. They have no plan, no ideas, no solutions. Well, they do have one solution- to dissolve America.

Why? Because Americans enjoy a certain standard of living. They are beholden to God and to personal principles and not to politicians. To people who only crave power, that’s a problem.

People who crave power over others do not want to have to deal with a population that does not look to them as the final authority. They do not want to deal with a population that has expectations for their standards of living and who expect their children to be even better off than them. People who crave only power want you to lay down, go away, shut up, take handouts in exchange for your principles, and get real relaxed about the idea of personal responsibility.

And when someone like Trump comes along, someone who respects the right of people to self-determination and a chance at earned prosperity- those who crave power can only respond in one way. That is to attack the character of their ideological enemy in every way they can conceive of doing.

If you’ve ever seen the way a snake deals with a threat you know exactly what we’re talking about. The snake will try to escape, posture threateningly, feign death- it will do anything it can do to frighten or control its opponent. A snake does not care about principles, right or wrong- it cares about survival.

The same is true of leading Democrats like Maxine Waters.

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