Glenn Beck DESTROYS Don Lemon’s Racial Tirade against White Men

How many stupid things have you heard from the left this week? What’s the dumbest? Is it that the “blue wave” only managed to secure one-half of one branch of the government? They’re celebrating that Republicans have control of 2.5 branches. Maybe the dumbest thing you’ve heard is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was elected to the House of Representatives. It might not be surprising, but it certainly earns a maximum score on the dumb-o-meter.

There hasn’t been a shortage of overwhelming stupidity from the left for years. Somehow, they manage to continue to outdo themselves. Sometimes, the most frustrating thing in the world is their Orwellian ability to convince themselves of anything other than the obvious truth. Progressives honestly think the economy is worse today than it was two years ago. They aren’t arguing with Republicans on this one. They’re arguing with pure, true math. It’s insane.

Whatever lunacy you’ve come across, you know the true treasure trove: CNN. Their anchors have out stupided everyone else for a while now. It’s safe to say that they’ve cornered the market. In case you were worried, they aren’t done yet.

In this video, you’ll get intimately familiar with Don Lemon’s latest gem. You’ll also get a full breakdown of everything wrong with it. It isn’t just a racist statement (spoiler alert); it’s also factually wrong on every level. Take a look.