Glenn Beck’s Chilling Warning to All Parents

Radical Democrats have repeatedly called upon their flunkies to violently confront conservative Americans across the country. California radical Congresswoman Maxine Waters has required her zealots to confront conservatives anywhere they go. Just days ago a crazed liberal extremist tried to stab to death a GOP candidate in California. These are, in no uncertain terms, calls for blood in the streets by liberals.

This state of hostility has put conservative officials and personalities on high alert. However, that heightened state may have helped create awareness about another imminent danger that lurks in many everyday American homes.

On this The Blaze segment, host Glenn Beck shares a frightening personal incident that impacted his family over the summer. In the middle of the night, the Beck home received a suspicious call that woke the conservative talk show host and his wife. While late-night calls are annoying, this time someone picked it up inside their very home.

Beck rounded up his attack dogs, armed himself with a firearm and patrolled the house with the intent to defend his family from any threat. But what happened next shows how vulnerable he was and will scare the daylights out of every parent in America.

If you are a parent, it’s imperative that you listen to what Glenn Beck has to say in this video. It will send chills down your spine!