Poll: Majority of Americans Believe the Media is MORE Divisive than President Trump

President Trump is SO divisive, according to the mainstream media. For example, remember the time when Trump was Hitler? Yeah. That was really awful. What’s that? Oh, CNN says he’s still Hitler, but that just proves how divisive Trump is.

Like the time when he used those mystical mind rays, first identified by anti-Trump Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano, to trick a majority of voters into voting for him. Remember that? SUPER divisive!

Plus, Trump is dividing America from the rest of the world by putting Americans first. What will foreigners think of us if we continue to put our own interests ahead of theirs? To quote one of the mainstream media’s favorite Republicans, Paul Ryan, “That’s not who we are!”

Another thing we’ve noticed about Trump is that he is so divisive that he thinks there are only two genders. Plus, he wants to ban Islamic terrorists from getting green cards. Most. Divisive. President. Ever.

Thankfully, we have Captain Uniter on CNN (Don Lemon) to point out for us how divisive President Trump is, by identifying Trump’s white male supporters as the biggest terrorist threat facing America. Did we mention that the mainstream media thinks Trump is divisive? Yeah, it’s true. Trump is driving a wedge between Americans with his hateful preference for Americans over foreigners.

Check out the video below to see if the mainstream media’s effort to constantly remind people of President Trump’s divisiveness is working.