President Trump Curbs Obama Era Child Trafficking with DNA Tests

If you’ve bothered to roll out of bed and uncover your ears for a love-ed moment anytime over the past month or so, you’ve heard what liberals are saying about Trump’s border policies.

They say he’s separating parents and children, locking up kids in cages and treating them terribly. They say it as if Trump is doing it himself. They even photoshopped him onto the cover of Time magazine looking down dolefully at a weeping Mexican child as if he was going to personally throw her into a warm, wet cage.

What they don’t tell you is that Trump is enforcing a law that was drafted during the Obama era. The other thing they aren’t telling you is the fact that many of the children being brought over with illegal immigrants are NOT the children of the people who are bringing them. Many of the children are there as props- because would be illegals were told they would have a better chance of gaining admission if they had kids with them!

The result has been a massive trade in trafficked children across the border.

The left doesn’t care, but President Trump promised to crack down on human trafficking… and he has. Thousands of human trafficking arrests have been made since Trump took office.

Now, he’s using the situation at the border to crack down even harder on human trafficking.

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