President Trump’s Steel Tariffs Brings Back Life to Small Towns in America

This can’t be said enough: the left told us that industry could never return. In fact, they’re still saying it. They’re saying it while Trump has added thousands of manufacturing jobs to the economy every month since he took office. It’s been a major portion of the incredible jobs run we’ve been seeing.

The left isn’t just wrong about manufacturing. They’re wrong on every single point of economic policy. It was Democratic policy that involved us in devastating trade deals across the globe. Between NAFTA and TPP, there was little left of the world that was allowed to buy American goods, regardless of desire.

But, Trump has made good on his promises. He has changed all of that. His international and trade policies have rocketed the U.S. into an economic state not seen in decades. Manufacturing is back, and it has friends. Coal, technology and virtually every other sector of a healthy economy are all thriving.

In this video, you can see just how good that news is for rural America. The very people who swung key states in favor of Trump are reaping the rewards of their votes, and the tariffs play no small part in it. Take a look at the video and see just how right Trump is about every single thing.