Project Dragonfly: Google’s Evil Plan to Send Chinese People to Reeducation Camps

Surfing the Internet has gone from a pleasant distraction to a dangerous political weapon that has real consequences. While all eyes have been fixed on the disgraceful actions by Democrats throwing dirt on the impeccable reputation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Google operatives have been at work trying to undermine freedom in America and abroad.

The mainstream media has been almost entirely focused on the U.S. Supreme Court nomination hearings for good reason. Kavanaugh could solidify the rule of law at the high court for a generation. But other important Senate hearings have taken a back seat. One of those focused on the role Google has played in suppressing free speech.

On this Lisa Haven News exclusive, a search engine initiative known as “Project Dragonfly” has been under development and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz takes a Google representative to task over what that entails.

For years, people in Democracies have feared that Google’s greed would lead to it compromising Western values of free speech and expression. But conservative Americans have already discovered that Google has created algorithms to aid liberal candidates, speech and voices at the expense of the right.

That’s why what happens in this congressional oversight hearing is vital to the free exchange of information by good people everywhere. And, Google seems hesitant to tell Sen. Cruz the truth.

If you are a free American, watch this Lisa Haven News video and find out about the Google threat!